We are Eco! Production of grips taking into account environmental protection

Ecology in production?!

By producing climbing grips we make every effort to ensure that nature remains as little affected by our actions as possible. We respect what we love. Beech Jurassic forests, charming valleys near Krakow, Tatra streams and Alpine landscapes. We want the next generations to be able to commune with nature with the same joy as we do. That is why our activities are focused on the production of ecological climbing holds, neutral for the environment.


How do we do it? You will find out below.

chwyty neutralne dla środowiska
plasmatic jugs mega – @kamilzmija photo

Eco – friendly poliuretan – carbon neutral

All our grips are made of environmentally friendly polyurethane.
Our activities and those of the resin manufacturer (Ebalta GmbH) have been aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The resin from which we make grips is “carbon neutral” certified and contains up to 40% of raw materials from renewable sources in component A (polyol).

eco-friendly climbing grips environmentally friendly

Grips without harmful substances

Our products do not contain styrene, which is dangerous to health, which is present in heavy polyester grips. The material from which we produce grips does not contain any of the harmful substances, i.e. asbestos, lead, formaldehyde, mineral tar oil, carbonileum, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). We also do not use plasticizers that have a harmful effect on human health and the environment.

Material saving

Most of our grips from size L up are made in hollowed-back technology, which means that the grips are hollow inside. In this way, we use up to 80% less resin and transport costs are reduced due to the lower weight of the grips.

Another important ingredient is the silicone from which the molds are made. Thanks to special thin-walled forms in the composite housing, we have reduced the consumption of silicone to a minimum. In addition, the remains of silicone are used by us when creating inserts for empty means.

It is also worth mentioning that the remnants of resin are used to cast B-graded grips, which you can then buy in the Treasure Box. Less waste means less environmental pollution!

thin-walled forms

Green Energy

The production of grips consumes a lot of energy. Casting of grips takes place at a temperature of 30° regardless of the season.
Silicone molds are often heated to 50°-70° and grips in the post-production process are cured for 8 hours at 80°.

At Bat Holds, we use the energy generated by our 10kW mini photovoltaic power plant.

our photovoltaic power plant

Packaging in recycled materials

We make every effort to ensure that the amount of foil used in the packaging process is as small as possible.
We fill cartons only with recycled foil and cardboard.

first packed set


And what’s next?

Our little dream is that other manufacturers in the industry will also take such decisive steps as we do to protect the planet.
If nature is close to you, choose consciously.

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