BatHolds = quality


Quality stands for polished shape of the hold, preceded by many hours of designing and sculpting.
It stands for the best materials, effective technologies and compliance with the standards.
Finally, quality stands for aesthetics and art captured in every product, which we create.


Same as will and physical toughness is essential for never ending fights in a caves, or overhangs in gym, our holds are developed with enthusiasm and for a joy from performance and sends. Because just hard work and unbreakable endurance leads to success.

No excuses

We believe that every big project starts with engagement and honesty. Working on a shape of the hold we have in minds high-end problems, world-class routesetting and modern directions of indoor climbing design. We want you to reach a higher level of your training due to our holds and volumes.

True versatility

BatHolds means not only production, but also the philosophy, which is the essence of our brand. Our mission: to popularize climbing. Our goal is to reach out to a wide group of people and introduce them to passion, which could be emerged from climbing movement. We think about every single dimension of climbing – from home-made gym training, indoor bouldering to rock climbing or even urban climbing and street workout. Each time one issue is common: the pleasure, which physical activity can give.


We will not tell you, what we plan to do – we will just do it.