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Hangboard - a perfect complement to climbing training

Hangboard is a training tool that allows you to develop your arms strength, finger flexors strength and endurance. Finger strength is one of the most important factors determining the climbing level, so its increase in any case will be associated with improvement of the efficiency of moving on climbing routes and boulders on the climbing wall.

Due to the compact size of the hanbgoard and the universal arrangement of individual grips, it’s perfect for home training - you can train at a convenient time without leaving your house.

Training on the hanboard- A safe form of training

Properly carried out, fingerboard training will allow for a safe strengthening of the individual grip types, it also works well as a form of adaptation for higher training loads, also on the climbing wall. For beginners, we recommend more volume-oriented training sessions, allowing our tendons and ligaments to get used to it gradually - we try to avoid 1-2 finger pockets and very small edges. People with climbing experience of little more than a year are in the group at risk of injuries, however, we believe that a safe training on the hangboard will gradually adapt our tissues to climb in more demanding terrain - we will necessarily put in the routes/boulders on smaller holds during training on climbing wall, so why not prepare for them under controlled conditions? More advanced climbers should focus on increasing the maximum strength of the fingers and upper parts of the body, but not forgetting about local endurance, a feature necessary when climbing routes on a climbing wall and during outdoor climbing trips.

The models of the available hangboards differ from each other in the material they are made of, as well as in the shape and arrangement of grips - there are straight models for beginners, offering more positive grips, and more demanding ones for advanced climbers. Wood is smoother and more pleasant for our hands, but polyester or polyurethane material provides better friction and allows you to get used to the conditions present on the climbing wall and in the rocks. The hangboards provide the opportunity to train different grip types due to the different depth, shape and angle of the holds.

Hangboars - Increase your climbing level

Each of the available hangboards is suitable for mounting above the door or on a special frame. If you have a home climbing gym, the hangboard is perfect for enriching it! One of the advantages of our Fat Bat Board is the addition of a special mounting pad made of 18 mm plywood, which will greatly facilitate its installation in the space of interest.