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Since 2022, all grips are made of the highest quality PU resin, which contains 40% of recycled raw materials.The most important parameters: Hardness 80 ShoreD. Impact strength 50 kj / m2. Modulus of Elasticity 2200 MPa. Eco-friendly polyurethane GM1914 resin is certified in accordance with EN 1257-3: 2017.

Recommended Climbing Holds

599,00619,01 with Vat
969,01979,01 with Vat
1.188,001.190,00 with Vat
269,00 with Vat
289,00 with Vat
596,00 with Vat
1.179,001.199,00 with Vat
3.483,003.498,99 with Vat
968,99973,00 with Vat
1.200,001.210,00 with Vat
1.095,001.099,01 with Vat
1.095,001.099,01 with Vat
199,00 with Vat
475,00499,00 with Vat
2.299,01 with Vat
779,00799,00 with Vat
1.069,011.089,01 with Vat
938,99958,99 with Vat
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