Choosing a jugs for a climbing wall

Jugs, Juggies…  

Who among us does not like Jugs! This is the easiest and most universal of the available climbing grips – perfect choice for rope climbing, boulders, spray walls, children’s walls and will save you after toping a bouldes as a descent way 🙂

“You call this jug!?”

As the family of jugs abounds in countless shapes and sizes, in this article we will try to dispel any ambiguities and gently assist you in the process of choosing the grips best suited to your needs ☺Grip manufacturers try to segregate the handles by giving them names depending on the size and positivity. What is positivity? It is simply the difficulty/nature of the grip.
It is worth mentioning, however, that the positivity indicator is closely related to the level of advancement – Pros will find much more jugs on the object than a beginner 😉

Below we present the division of handles proposed by us:


Big Jugs / Mega Juggs – go big or go home

Colloquially called buckets – in this case, size matters 🙂
The most positive and hand-friendly of the available types of grips – most often they occur as a grip on which both hands fit.
A mandatory item for boulders / roads designed for beginners and intermediates.

An undoubted advantage of large handles is also their visual side – they look much better than small spax, hence they are often used as a Top at competitions. Owners of large walls focus on this type of grip in the first place, but we also recommend them for children’s walls.


Mega Jugs Plasmatic

Medium Juggs – smaller does not mean worse

Smaller than their predecessors, they come in one- and two-handed variants. In this segment of grips we observe the greatest variety – we will find here both “sticks”, bending grips that fit the entire hand, as well as slightly rounded, more demanding handles. Often used in climbing competitions as a base for dynamic problems. They do not take up much space, which makes them a good choice also for smaller walls or home holds.


Medium Jugs Anemeek

Mini Juggs/ Juggies – small is beautiful

The smallest of these types of grips, sometimes balancing on the border of the buckle and crimp. They usually force catching with the fingers themselves, and often these are grips on the second / third phalange. On the wall they create ideal conditions for shooting slightly more difficult proposals, in our opinion they will also work great as a complement to the commercial / home spray wall.

Mini Jugs – Slimes Slim

Commercial wall grips

Due to the ever-growing popularity of climbing, commercial walls earn the most on beginners. A modern climbing wall should have a wide range of positivity handles, giving routesetters ample room for manoeuvre. In addition to the largest handles from the Mega segment, it is worth expanding your warehouse with smaller/more demanding handles – this will save space and significantly increase the training possibilities of the wall.
Największym powodzeniem na komercyjnych ścianach cieszą się klamy Plasmatic i Apocalyptic

Grips for the home wall – functionality, not appearance

The situation is different in the case of home walls – the available space and financial possibilities are usually smaller, hence most owners of home walls focus on filling the space with a large number of smaller grips. We recommend buying medium and small door handles. Our clients particularly praise the Apocalyptic Juggies S-M and M-L set, which, shot in a sufficiently large overhang, creates specific training opportunities, also for advanced ones.

Holds for children

Let’s not forget about the handles for children, which in addition to great fun also offer educational values. See more children’s tricks below.

To sum up, what is worth following when buying jugs for our climbing wall?

  • Space – Having a large wall area, we do not have to worry that we will run out of space, so we focus on grips of various sizes, including those from the Mega Juggs segment. If we are limited by the lack of space, we recommend putting on small and medium-sized jugs.
  • Budget – Buying grips in smaller sizes will always be a more economical option and will increase the training potential of your wall.
  • Aesthetics – Especially important for owners of commercial walls following the latest trends in grip design. Even the most pleasant klama will not make a good impression if it scares away with its visual qualities ☺

We hope that we have brought you a little closer to the topic of handles, handles and door handles☺ We wish you that the choice of grips for your commercial or home walls was a pleasant and simple process. As always, we also recommend that you familiarize yourself with our offer of handles in every size.

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